Laser Grading & Dirt Prep Work

We’re proud to offer precision laser grading for residential and commercial construction sites. When you’re making a large investment in a new structure, you need to be sure that you have an experienced, trusted professional preparing your site. Cutting corners on your pad prep can result in foundation problems such as sinking or buckling, resulting in extensive damage to your structure. NEBTEX will thoroughly assess your building site, taking note of your unique location and soil conditions.

In addition to prepping pads for structures, NEBTEX provides leveling and grading for other projects such as sidewalks, pathways, and streets. We are also available to work on municipal projects such as hike-and-bike trails for parks and recreational sites.

Curb Grinding

We offer this service to create smooth, continuous transitions between sidewalks or driveways and the street. Curb grinding equipment can be used to texturize the surface of a curb, creating traction and reducing the likelihood that the area becomes a slip hazard. It is also necessary to resurface gutters, repair damage done by snow plows and to improve water flow into drainage systems.

Excavation for Footings

Footings support the foundation of your structure and are critical for maintaining the integrity of the building. Your footings must be properly sized and placed, with attention given to the soil type and condition. If the job is not done correctly, the structure may experience foundation problems and excessive settling, leading to further trouble down the road. NEBTEX’s crew of experienced professionals will evaluate all of these factors when planning and excavating the footings for your structure.

Utility Trenching

Excavating a site for power and water lines requires extra care and attention to detail. Success depends on careful consideration of your soil type and condition, environmental factors and a myriad of regulatory issues. It’s not something you can afford to get wrong! NEBTEX has the industry knowledge and experience necessary to ensure that your utility trenches are excavated safely and accurately, in compliance with applicable regulations and best practices.

Pasture & Field Work

Need to remove excess brush and trees from a large area? We can help! NEBTEX specializes in shearing trees, removing bushes and clearing other unwanted plant material from your pastures or fields.

We bring in our larger machines to fill in pits and canyons and level hilly areas, expanding your usable space. We can also remove shelter belts for pivots and provide laser-grading to promote optimal drainage in your field. We can either stack the debris for you to burn or arrange to have it removed off-site for disposal.

Please note: We are unable to provide removal services for individual trees (i.e., a large tree from a residential backyard). Please contact a tree removal specialist for this service.

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